Coffee Break

Coffee break

their favorite
time of the day

they have so much
so little
to say

they breathe deep
and gaze

He recites a story
he recalls
from years ago

her eyes flash
with the memory
she loved

in delight
and happiness

they clink their cups
for added

They have worked hard for this exact moment

they have been patient
and focused

they have waited so long
for this coffee break

it was worth
the wait



Why continue the search

why continue to look

for him, for her

for the words

for the feeling that once existed

why continue the hurt

She asks herself as she sips her coffee

as she reads

trying to see what she doesn’t see

as she feels the emptiness

where she once felt joy


just why?


The stars and the moon are shinning brightly

and I am wondering

I am wondering

can you see

Can you peek from the heavens

to the earth below

can you see, I am missing you so

Could the stars be windows between your world and mine

Can we get a glimpse of each other from time to time

The stars and the moon

shine so bright in the sky

I miss you in silence trying again not to cry

I Pedge Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to this great land

Oh God help me cleanse my filthy hands

As our ancestors roll over in their graves

We protest our freedoms, and then call that brave


I hang my head in remorseful disgust

Is this honestly what has become of us

Generations before have bled and died

Defending these freedoms, that we now hide behind


I stand bewildered with my head hung low

I watch as glorifying celebrities has become the norm

Yet we shame our Defenders and cast them aside

Is this what we now call, our American Pride


My heart breaks for the generations to come

They grow up evermore increasing numb

The age of technology stealing common sense

Every word, every action, suddenly brings offense


The loss of compassion for all human kind

Is a downward spiral we cannot deny

So I bow my head and humbly pray

Lord have mercy while I raise this flag


She stares at the Monet on the wall, wishing she could climb into the boat and sail away.  Her tears mixing with the shimmery blue water.  She wonders; are they going to someplace or are they going away.  She thinks both.  After all, that is how it works, isn’t it.  You leave one place just to end up in another.

She’s left a few places, she’s quit counting.  Surely she would end up in a better place.  Isn’t that how the story goes.  You advance, you move on.  One door closes and another opens, or some such shit.  She looks deeper into the Monet, she doesn’t see any doors opening, just vast emptiness.  She wants to go.  To nowhere.

A Mother’s Thoughts

Mother’s Day has come and passed like the ones before and the ones to come.  The dinners and the gifts, the hugs and the smiles.  Each and every one a blessing onto its own.

As I age and as my children age I appreciate the gift of motherhood more and more all the time.  My children, by society’s definition are grown adults.  I’m not the type of mother who doesn’t want who children to grow and spread their wings, I am however, a mother and I catch glimpses of my little girl and my little boy in my now adult children.

What brings me the most joy is the wonderful adults they have become.  My heart just about explodes wide open when I sit back and listen to them talk or watch them  interacting with others.  Moreover, it is not my children alone, it is also their cousins, and their friends whom I have also had the honor of watching grow up.

I’ll be honest, there was a time, well and frankly, I still am a little scared to death of how this next generation is going to handle this world and the responsibilities that come with it.  Then I take a deep breath and remember my parents had that same fear just as their parents did.

At the same time, I also know that children will live what they know and they know what they learn, so we as parents need really think hard if we are going to be proud of the adults our children grow up to be.  I believe it is easy to forget we are raising the generation that will be taking care of us when we are old.