He Said He Loved Her

He said he loved her

and he wouldn’t lie

people don’t lie about love

do they?

They don’t look deep into your eyes

kiss your lips

breathe the same air you breathe

they don’t make your heart stop beating, jump out of your chest, do flip flops and return to your chest just to pick up beating where it left off

they don’t steal the moon from the sky to light up your night

they don’t give you love songs

they don’t stop the world for you just to lie to your face

do they?

He said he loved her

so why is she alone?



Why continue the search

why continue to look

for him, for her

for the words

for the feeling that once existed

why continue the hurt

She asks herself as she sips her coffee

as she reads

trying to see what she doesn’t see

as she feels the emptiness

where she once felt joy


just why?

The Bigger Plan


The sky is beautiful tonight

My mind falls away from elections and political parties

My mind falls away from protests, anger and division

My mind falls away from the hate, free speech can bring

The sky is beautiful tonight

The sunset mixed with the moon-rise displays this spectacular show before my eyes

I’m reminded of a bigger plan

Breathe deep, relax, let it go

Knowing it’s in God’s hands


One fine winter morning…

“I thought you were going to write” he questioned to her.

I am, she replied as she sipped her coffee pulling her knees tighter under her chin.  She watched the snowflakes fall unto the branch of the tree in front of the window.  She wondered how many more flakes the branch could take before it broke in two.

“Oh Really, that’s how you write?”, he tried to joke with her.

She just smiled, and sipped her coffee.  He would never understand.  He could never see how each snowflake fell differently.  How it’s crystals melted and merged with the flakes that had fallen before it.  He didn’t know how each snowflake had its own story, just waiting for someone to sit, watch, and write about it.

An early spring afternoon…

“I thought I was driving so you could write” he said as he looked over at her.  She smiled at him as she held her phone in front of her face.

“Oh let me guess” he rolled his eyes “you ARE writing!” he laughed at her.

She nodded, and asked him to pull the car over. “You see this old barn here?”

He nodded, “um yeah, we have driven past it twice a day for the last four days.”

“I know,” she said “it needs me to tell its story.”  She jumped out of the car and took pictures of the barn.  The story had already started to form itself in her mind.  She just needed the visual reminder, this was the last day she would be passing this barn.

“Thanks” she said to him as she jumped back in the car.  He shook his head smiling and drove on.

On an a steaming summer morning…

“Would you like to go on a hike with me?” he asked her.  She wasn’t sure and he could tell by the look on her face.  “Okay” she agreed.  He smiled “don’t forget your camera, you may want to do some writing.”  She smiled back, maybe he did understand.


The Cleansing

Her aura is filthy!  Debris from the yuks who have gotten too close to her has started to settle.  The thought sickens her, as she retches and gags.  She is in need of a cleansing.  The hottest water nor the strongest anti bacterial soap will never wash away this filth. She needs to be cleansed by nature – by Mother Earth herself.  She runs from the city, the smog, the scum, the litter, the disease.  She runs from the very things she has lusted after.  She runs from herself…


The stars and the moon are shinning brightly

and I am wondering

I am wondering

can you see

Can you peek from the heavens

to the earth below

can you see, I am missing you so

Could the stars be windows between your world and mine

Can we get a glimpse of each other from time to time

The stars and the moon

shine so bright in the sky

I miss you in silence trying again not to cry