She smiles,

like it’s a natural thing

She smiles,

like her heart isn’t breaking

Honey, hold your head up high

keep all those feelings inside

Smile for all the good people to see

just shut your mouth and look pretty


I Pedge Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to this great land

Oh God help me cleanse my filthy hands

As our ancestors roll over in their graves

We protest our freedoms, and then call that brave


I hang my head in remorseful disgust

Is this honestly what has become of us

Generations before have bled and died

Defending these freedoms, that we now hide behind


I stand bewildered with my head hung low

I watch as glorifying celebrities has become the norm

Yet we shame our Defenders and cast them aside

Is this what we now call, our American Pride


My heart breaks for the generations to come

They grow up evermore increasing numb

The age of technology stealing common sense

Every word, every action, suddenly brings offense


The loss of compassion for all human kind

Is a downward spiral we cannot deny

So I bow my head and humbly pray

Lord have mercy while I raise this flag