The Bigger Plan


The sky is beautiful tonight

My mind falls away from elections and political parties

My mind falls away from protests, anger and division

My mind falls away from the hate, free speech can bring

The sky is beautiful tonight

The sunset mixed with the moon-rise displays this spectacular show before my eyes

I’m reminded of a bigger plan

Breathe deep, relax, let it go

Knowing it’s in God’s hands


Sarah & Charles ~ An Introduction

They sat together, close, a little too close some of the other passengers think. “Lovers”, scoffs Mrs. Hamilton, who is sitting the row behind. This just makes Sarah giggle, which in turns makes Charles grin and lean in even closer to her. He whispers “lovers” into her ear just before he nibbles it. They sit close. They hold hands and smile at each other. They are happy.
They have been planning this trip for a long time, two years in fact. Almost from the moment they exchanged their first smile at Momma’s Coffee House. Sarah was in such a rush, as she stopped in to grab her usual mocha to take to her meeting. She hardly noticed the very handsome stranger chuckling to himself as she rushed by, in her Tasmanian Devil style whirlwind, delighting everyone in her path. She hardly noticed him, that is, until she turned to leave and smacked him with her purse, sending its contents flying across the floor. He laughed a deep genuine laugh that you can’t help but laugh along with. Sarah, startled, and upset at being slowed down, didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. So she did both. She stood there, in the middle of Momma’s Coffee House, holding her cup, dropping her half empty purse on the floor, laughing so hard she cried. Poor Charles never had a chance. He was lost in her the moment he heard her laugh.
He knelt down and starts picking up her spilled items as she stood there laugh crying. He held one of her business cards in his hand as he looked up and asked “Sarah?”, she smiled back sweetly and knelt down along side of him, “yes, Sarah Pennington, nice to meet you…?” she asked as she put out her hand. “Charles Archer” he replied with a handshake “my pleasure”, he added with a wink. They finished picking up the contents of her purse, except for the business card Charles still had in his hand. He reached out to hand it to her, but then pulled back and said “do you mind if I hold on to this? I’d kind of like to call you sometime, maybe buy you a coffee, and slow down your pace”, he was stretching and he know it, you could see it on his face. Surprised and now running very late Sarah smiled and replied “How about, IF you make the call, I will buy the coffee. It’s the least I can do for accosting you with my purse. Gotta run now, I’m late. Thanks for the help, AND the laugh”, and with that she was out the door. He was left standing in her dust trail, stupid grin on his face.
As soon as Sarah was around the corner and out of site of the Coffee House, she stopped, leaned against the wall, and let out a little giggle. She said to herself, “Well, Mr. Archer, I hope you do call. I hope you call very much!” And off she walked, stupid grin on her face.
He called her that night; that was two years ago to the day. During their first coffee date he told her he was going to take her to Mexico, to the beach. He would tell her many more times during the next two years. Each and every time she would just giggle and say, “well, then, I guess I’ll just have to stick around until that happens.” But here they were, sitting hand in hand, finally on their way.
The plane was leaving the runway for takeoff; Sarah whispered to Charles “I wish I could snuggle in your lap” he grinned back “I do too!” “But I think Mrs. Hamilton would shit a brick if you did that.” With that Sarah laughed out loud, Charles put a finger to her lips to shush her, but was grinning the whole time. He always made her laugh and he was in love with her laugh, had been since the first day. They were good for each other, and neither had been so happy before. As the plane took off Sarah closed her eyes and drifted off, Charles held her hand, watching her, grinning like a child on Christmas morning; and despite herself, Mrs. Hamilton smiled too. Their love and happiness seemed to be infectious.


One fine winter morning…

“I thought you were going to write” he questioned to her.

I am, she replied as she sipped her coffee pulling her knees tighter under her chin.  She watched the snowflakes fall unto the branch of the tree in front of the window.  She wondered how many more flakes the branch could take before it broke in two.

“Oh Really, that’s how you write?”, he tried to joke with her.

She just smiled, and sipped her coffee.  He would never understand.  He could never see how each snowflake fell differently.  How it’s crystals melted and merged with the flakes that had fallen before it.  He didn’t know how each snowflake had its own story, just waiting for someone to sit, watch, and write about it.

An early spring afternoon…

“I thought I was driving so you could write” he said as he looked over at her.  She smiled at him as she held her phone in front of her face.

“Oh let me guess” he rolled his eyes “you ARE writing!” he laughed at her.

She nodded, and asked him to pull the car over. “You see this old barn here?”

He nodded, “um yeah, we have driven past it twice a day for the last four days.”

“I know,” she said “it needs me to tell its story.”  She jumped out of the car and took pictures of the barn.  The story had already started to form itself in her mind.  She just needed the visual reminder, this was the last day she would be passing this barn.

“Thanks” she said to him as she jumped back in the car.  He shook his head smiling and drove on.

On an a steaming summer morning…

“Would you like to go on a hike with me?” he asked her.  She wasn’t sure and he could tell by the look on her face.  “Okay” she agreed.  He smiled “don’t forget your camera, you may want to do some writing.”  She smiled back, maybe he did understand.


The Cleansing

Her aura is filthy!  Debris from the yuks who have gotten too close to her has started to settle.  The thought sickens her, as she retches and gags.  She is in need of a cleansing.  The hottest water nor the strongest anti bacterial soap will never wash away this filth. She needs to be cleansed by nature – by Mother Earth herself.  She runs from the city, the smog, the scum, the litter, the disease.  She runs from the very things she has lusted after.  She runs from herself…


The stars and the moon are shinning brightly

and I am wondering

I am wondering

can you see

Can you peek from the heavens

to the earth below

can you see, I am missing you so

Could the stars be windows between your world and mine

Can we get a glimpse of each other from time to time

The stars and the moon

shine so bright in the sky

I miss you in silence trying again not to cry

I Pedge Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to this great land

Oh God help me cleanse my filthy hands

As our ancestors roll over in their graves

We protest our freedoms, and then call that brave


I hang my head in remorseful disgust

Is this honestly what has become of us

Generations before have bled and died

Defending these freedoms, that we now hide behind


I stand bewildered with my head hung low

I watch as glorifying celebrities has become the norm

Yet we shame our Defenders and cast them aside

Is this what we now call, our American Pride


My heart breaks for the generations to come

They grow up evermore increasing numb

The age of technology stealing common sense

Every word, every action, suddenly brings offense


The loss of compassion for all human kind

Is a downward spiral we cannot deny

So I bow my head and humbly pray

Lord have mercy while I raise this flag


She stares at the Monet on the wall, wishing she could climb into the boat and sail away.  Her tears mixing with the shimmery blue water.  She wonders; are they going to someplace or are they going away.  She thinks both.  After all, that is how it works, isn’t it.  You leave one place just to end up in another.

She’s left a few places, she’s quit counting.  Surely she would end up in a better place.  Isn’t that how the story goes.  You advance, you move on.  One door closes and another opens, or some such shit.  She looks deeper into the Monet, she doesn’t see any doors opening, just vast emptiness.  She wants to go.  To nowhere.