“Why didn’t you ever make a move on me?  I had the biggest crush on you.”  She looked him square in the eyes, she had always looked him square in the eyes.  It unnerved him just as much this evening as it had 15 years ago in their high school gymnasium.   “You know,”  she leaned in and whispered “I wanted you.”

He lowered his eyes, finished his beer “You,” he bought his up eyes up to meet hers “were untouchable.”  He waved the bartender over for another beer.

She frowned and shook her head “That’s ridiculous!  I was touchable.  Very touchable.  But nobody wanted to touch me.”  She pouted at him.

He really didn’t think there was enough beer in the world to have this conversation with her.  Now he was unnerving her with his square look in her eyes.  “That is NOT true.  Many wanted to.  You weren’t, and you still aren’t that kind of girl, even if you don’t know it.  It’s a gift really, you should shut up and be thankful”

They held eye contact for a few moments.  She mouthed Thank You, picked up her beer “Here’s to unknown gifts and good guys, may neither ever go unnoticed.”



2 thoughts on “Untouchable

  1. Mr Modigliani says:

    I am not sure the whole ‘good guy’ thing serves men or women very well. Men should always be a gentleman, but they should not shy away from their own desires

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