Rochelle was twirling down the midway, hands stretched out, palms open towards the heavens, head thrown back, long blonde waves cascading down her back to the back of her knees.  Her eyes closed briefly as she smiled and shouted “Best Day Ever!!” People jumped at the outburst and stared, then walked around her.  Her friend Ella grabbed her hand and said “Shell, every day, is your Best Day Ever.  Quit farting around or we’ll miss the show.”  Rochelle pulled Ella into her arms and gave her a giant smack on her lips “I Love ‘Ya Ella.  Now quit farting around!”
They ran hand in hand toward the stage entrance.  Honesty, Rochelle had forgotten what bands were playing, she didn’t care, she went for Ella and the experience.  She tried to hit as many shows as possible.  She especially loved fair and carnival shows, the ones with little known or local musicians.  Ella was jumping up and down like a little kid and squeezing Rochelle’s hand “thanks so much for getting these tix, Shell! I’m so excited!”  Rochelle smiled “I’m happy to Ella, I love seeing you all excited like this.”

…and so it begins…



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