The Railroad Tracks

She drove over the same railroad tracks twice a day.  When the train came it was an irritation, a stalling of her day.  She hated being stuck in traffic.  She hated to be in her car  without moving in a forward motion.  Hell, she hated not moving in a forward motion at all.   Today, was a particularly unusual day for her.  She had been told No one too many times.  In fact, for her, once is one too many.  She, is a yes girl.  No, is just not a word she approves of.  So, sitting here, stopped by this endless train, the mechanical arm being one more fierce No, she wonders… her foot presses the gas petal ever so slightly… her car jolts in a forward motion…the car behind, lays on it’s horn…she is pulled into reality.  She accepts this No for what it is.  There will be no forward motion until this never ending train has passed.  She hangs her head in defeat.  This day has won, she gives up her fight.



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