Her Drug of Choice

He was a dangerous man and she knew it, she could tell from his first hello.  It was in his cool confidence, and the way he never accepted no.
became addicted to him.
His words were the drug that pulled her in.  She was fragile and weak and needed a fix.  He saw through her transparency, answered via poetic injection; a euphoric piercing prick.
She felt his words seep warm into her veins.
She knew she would never be the same.
Reading, writing, just to breathe.  She now had this beautiful addiction to feed.
He, was her dealer, offering his drug by keystroke.  She, paid massive amounts for each line; inhaling it, like a deep toke.
Whoring herself for the very next word, she was addicted, crawling back again, reluctantly,
regardless of how it hurt.  He shot her up, he gave her her fill.  She took it all in, quickly overdosed on the thrill.
He left her alone and abandoned; empty needle on the floor.
He was a dangerous man.
She knew it,
from the moment
he said hello.


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