Coffee Break

Coffee break

their favorite
time of the day

they have so much
so little
to say

they breathe deep
and gaze

He recites a story
he recalls
from years ago

her eyes flash
with the memory
she loved

in delight
and happiness

they clink their cups
for added

They have worked hard for this exact moment

they have been patient
and focused

they have waited so long
for this coffee break

it was worth
the wait


Day Dreaming of You

The world is cruel
and the words are old
yet occasionally
something takes hold

A memory
ignites a spark
it burns for a moment
then goes dark

Every now and then
my mind plays tricks
I stare into space
as I let it drift

But just for a moment
just a second or two
I can’t get caught off guard
day dreaming of you

Forever Kiss

So there it was

The Kiss

the kiss to end all kisses

the kiss that sparks all dreams

the kiss, that really begins, all of my everything

There it was

and here I am

standing right in front of him

wanting to beg for a little more

afraid he’ll run for the door

wanting this kiss to last forever, and a day

wanting to forever feel this way

There it was

me giving in

wanting, forever, all of him

He Said He Loved Her

He said he loved her

and he wouldn’t lie

people don’t lie about love

do they?

They don’t look deep into your eyes

kiss your lips

breathe the same air you breathe

they don’t make your heart stop beating, jump out of your chest, do flip flops and return to your chest just to pick up beating where it left off

they don’t steal the moon from the sky to light up your night

they don’t give you love songs

they don’t stop the world for you just to lie to your face

do they?

He said he loved her

so why is she alone?